NanoFuture Technology – technology of tomorrow

NanoFuture Technology – technology of tomorrow

2016-06-20 | LAB ONE
LAB ONE is a producer of innovative cosmetics based on unique technology of nanowater – NanoFuture Technology.

LAB ONE is a producer of innovative cosmetics based on unique technology of nanowater - NanoFuture Technology. It's also an undisputed pioneer in the usage of nanotechnology in cosmetics. Declustered water used in the production of our cosmetics was declared "the winner" of many prestigious international awards and scientific distinctions worldwide.

Water is the cradle and fountain of life. It's essential to sustain our existence on Earth. It constitutes up to 70% of human body. As a species, we're entirely dependent on the availability of this precious resource.

However, the progress of civilisation has led to significant changes in the structure of water. Emission of synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, free radicals and various kinds of radiation to our natural environment, profoundly affected that process.

As a result, water particles are no longer present individually, but merge together in considerable assemblies, called clusters. These assemblies can achieve large sizes that make them impossible to  penetrate cells and ensure their proper hydration. Many years of  scientific research conducted by international team eventually let us  reverse the process of clusters formation, i.e. decluster large agglomerates of water particles.

In a vacuum, the water is subjected to low-temperature plasma resonance. The resonance is transmitted to clusters of water particles and thus causes gradual separation of individual molecules. Hence, this innovative technology allows to break the clusters into individual molecules of H2O. A single molecule has a size of 1 nm (nanometer). Structure of declustered water corresponds to the form of water that existed on Earth originally, millions of years ago.

Studies have revealed that such water has specific properties. It's an  excellent carrier and a solvent for active substances (dissolves up  to 40% more compounds than water in nature, including substances normally insoluble in water, e.g. lipids).


Due to the nano size it has high penetrating ability. Penetrates into each cell, providing hydration even to deep layers of skin. Declustered water ensures profound detoxication of cells, therefore stimulates their functions. Cells undergo regeneration and autoregulation. It enhances skin renewal and strengthen its natural defence mechanisms.

Declustered water ensures almost complete absorption of active substance contained in LAB ONE preparations. The discovery of declustered water and development of product recipes that are based on them, resulted in granting our products several international as well as domestic awards.

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